JesCid (jescid) wrote,



On empty pavement
You think
Of where
The time and day went
You hope
And dream
You’ll awaken tomorrow
And be
From this life of sorrow
But still


You’re on a winding road
You search to find a home
Racing twards the end
Without a hand to lend
Then you’re never seen again
When you’re a transient

You float
A soul solitary
You pray
For shore
To bring sanctuary
To kiss
The sand
As so many waves do
To be
The man
You always have dreamed to
But still


May the dawn be your saving grace
May the sunshine upon your face
May you see your way through the rain
May you never be lost again
May you have everlasting strength
May you find your way home again
May your future be here today
You will get there but until then

Tags: music

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