JesCid (jescid) wrote,

Англичане о событиях на Украине

20 February 2014 10:05am Hegelman отвечает юзеру AManFromRussia:
I blame Russians for allowing the USSR to collapse.
Ну и вообще там можно разные мнения почитать, в т.ч. от всамделишных автохтонных англичан.

20 February 2014 8:10am Robert Dinca:
Anywhere in the western world occupying and vandalizing public buildings, taking security forces as hostages would be called terrorism. I don't think what Yanukovich did these days is the solution, but can the western world be more hypocritical than this
20 February 2014 8:25am The_Hard_Truth0:
In my opinion the Ukrainian government has shown remarkable restraint. If this happened anywhere in the Western World you would see police committing hideous acts such as at the G8 protests. It seems amazing to me that our governments condemn the violence and blame the government when they do exactly the same. The horrible circle of violence is being caused by the radical right wing sector of the protesters, who violated the truce.
20 February 2014 9:34am P212121 отвечает юзеру MsSnoopier (автор с Украины, но его комментарий получил много голосов):
Obama is a president of a bankrupt country that happens to have the most effective military. No one believes what comes out of his mouth, but everyone is forced to take notice.
To those who cheer what is happening in Kiev today: do you realise we are tethering on the edge of WW3?
12 страниц комментариев всего — см. также за какие из них народ сколько голосует.

Это при том, что Гардиан натужно впаривает о том, что полиция стреляет по безоружным протестантам боевыми патронами и даже сделала трансляцию новостей нон-стоп (на приглашение к просмотру этих новостей её тут же спросили, не запасаться ли читателям попкорном — «Really Guardian? Are we supposed to get the popcorn out or something?»).
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