JesCid (jescid) wrote,

Поляки под массажем, а турки возбудились…

Вспомнили о единоверцах:
Крым важен Турции потому что это дверь в Украину и это также важно для наших татар компатриотов.
Или вот, как вам заголовочек: Poland’s Unfinished Revolution in Eastern Europe (
Poland is still trying to complete the unfinished revolution in Eastern Europe. This entails bringing its Eastern neighbors closer to—or into—the EU. … But it is Ukraine that has dominated Poland’s Eastern policy. Since the beginning of its strategy, Warsaw has engaged all the players in this country. Poland’s mediating role in Ukraine has been hugely important. That’s not just because Warsaw now has a better relationship with Berlin and Russia than in the past, or because the Ukrainians, by and large, trust the Poles. It’s because Poland wants a safe and democratic Eastern Europe. It wants to complete the revolution.
Передайте самым свидомым.

И резюме сутенёра (Statement by NATO Defence Ministers on Ukraine):
A sovereign, independent and stable Ukraine, firmly committed to democracy and the rule of law, is key to Euro-Atlantic security. Consistent with the Charter on a Distinctive Partnership between NATO and Ukraine, NATO Allies will continue to support Ukrainian sovereignty and independence, territorial integrity, democratic development, and the principle of inviolability of frontiers, as key factors of stability and security in Central and Eastern Europe and on the continent as a whole.
Приятных сновидений…
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